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App Testers Needed For Brand New Fitness App

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  • Posted: 29/10/18
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  • Author: Chris Kinsella

App Testers Needed For Our Upcoming App!

We are currently hard at work developing the finest exercise & nutrition app that has ever been available.

We are now looking for app testers to provide feedback.

Having been a personal trainer for over a decade I know what it takes to hit all your fitness goals. Previously this information has been limited to high paying clients.

Until now….

I have spent 20 years training and a decade working as a personal trainer. I know what works and what doesn’t – and I want to put this information in the palm of your hand.


Main features – Exercise

  • Produces an ever evolving fitness program designed specifically to your goals and body type. The program upgrades as your fitness improves so you don’t waste one second of your exercise time.
  • Prevents boredom by varying exercises, reps, sets and rest to prevent your program becoming mundane.
  • Earn Robopoints just for completing your workouts to earn virtual awards and upgrade your status as a Robofitter. You will also earn points towards scaling real world rewards such as money off vouchers from our trusted partners. All the information on Robopoints can be found here.
  • Never get bored in the gym again with over 3000 exercises recorded in full HD with text and video instructions. This database will be ever growing with the aim of 5000+ exercises in the palm of your hand.

How to structure workout plan

Main features – Nutrition

  • Done for your macros. Robofit will calculate your carb, protein, fat and calorie needs from just a few simple questions. These will evolve as your weight decreases / increases. All you need to do is track your food intake aiming to hit those numbers.
  • Real time adjusting macros. If you go off track there is no need to write off the rest of the week. Robofit’s adjustable macro system will adjust your calories, carbs, protein and fat for the remainder of the week to ensure you can still hit your targets. Don’t try starving yourself then saving up your calories for a weekend binge! Robofit is too smart for that!
  • Going out feature. Just because you are “dieting” doesn’t mean you can’t have a life! At the touch of a button Robofit will scan the menus of restaurants within a specified radius and recommend where to go and what fits within your macro numbers! You will also be able to book a table straight from the app! No  more feeling guilty for eating out and having a life!
  • Personalised supplement recommendations. Robofit will be analysing your diet on a constant basis looking at potential holes in your diet that could be slowing down your progress. For example, if you are falling 30g short of your protein daily, it will recommend a product containing 30g of protein. This means that any supplements offered to you are specific to you and your lifestyle.

How to diet to hit your goals

Main features – Social

  • Create groups with your friends or work colleagues and create challenges. Robofit will create a leaderboard for you to keep everyone motivated! Compete in total weight lost, calories burned, exercise hours and many other metrics and get some “healthy” competition going!
  • The Robofit Facebook group. Here you can discuss with other members your successes and struggles. There will also be live Q&As where all your fitness related questions will be answered.

There are so many features that you can read about in previous posts:



Other Features

Our Beta Test

We need around 500 app testers. We want to fine tune the app to get users feedback before we launch on the app store

New apps will always have little bugs that will need squashing. We may also be missing features that you would love or one of the features we do offer could be improved

We as a company want to listen to our users and any suggestions and feedback is welcomed


What You need to do

Firstly you’ll need to apply. You can do that here or anywhere on this blog where it says sign up. We will be selecting a wide range of people from different parts of the world with a balance of males and females.

If selected, the beta app testers will be required to do a few things

  • Login to the app at least 7 times during the trial (expected to be 21 days)
  • Share the page on your social media particularly facebook and Instagram
  • Provide feedback when necessary on a private facebook group with other beta testers
  • Complete a survey at the end of the trial


What you get as an app tester

  • 6 months free on launch of the premium app
  • Extended free trials for up to 6 users
  • Founder Member status
  • Robopoint bonuses throughout the year for founder members
  • Founder member status on forums giving you kudos to your fellow Robofitters
  • Exclusive discounts for founder members
  • Founder member exclusive virtual badges and rewards

Sign Up Now

Founder member status can only be achieved through being part of the beta trial. This will NOT be offered again when the app is launched.

Even if you aren’t selected for the trial you will receive a 60 day premium membership redeemable on our official launch


What to do next

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here  to be an app tester and we will be in touch

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