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IIFYM – The holy grail of weight loss?

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  • Posted: 15/09/18
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  • Author: Chris Kinsella

If it fits your macros (IIFYM)  has gained huge popularity in recent years as a sustainable way of eating, enabling users to not only lose weight but keep it off for good.

What is it?

Various metrics are taken into account such as sex, age, current weight and activity level which will then give you the number of calories you can consume per day. This would then be broken down further into carbs, proteins and fats.

I won’t bore you with the formula but you can find it here. There are also many apps that will calculate it for you although from my experience they are a little hit and miss.

IIFYM Positives

  1. You can eat what you want and so you don’t feel as restricted as if you are “on a diet”.
  2. It’s sustainable – once you are educated on the amount of your favourite foods you can eat, you should be able to maintain this lifestyle.
  3. It removes the barrier of banning foods – pizza, alcohol and chocolate are all allowed as long as they fit your numbers.
  4. It encourages people to eat lower calorie, highly nutritious foods such as vegetables, as they fill you up and allow the person more flexibility with treats.

IIFYM Negatives

  1. It involves constant tracking of your calorie intake. Not really a negative, but it’s hard to stay consistent and never miss a day.
  2. Skipping meals is common in order to save calories for a pig out later – this creates a very unhealthy relationship with food. If you do go over, the trick is to make up the shortfall over the following days. Never skip meals.  Your body requires nourishment throughout the day to operate at its best.
  3. You can cheat the program. Whilst this goes a little against the whole premise, the point of this diet is to give you flexibility and have SOME treats but mostly nutritious food – For example you can hit all your carb, protein and calorie goals eating 5 bags of crisps and 3 protein shakes but it’s hardly going to nourish your body is it?


If you embrace IIFYM for what it is then you will get amazing results. If you work on the basis of getting 90% of your macros from healthier sources it will leave room for treats on a daily basis.

Get your carbs from rice, potatoes, root vegetables rather than crisps and biscuits!

Get your protein from lean meats such as chicken, turkey or fish, not from burgers or sausages.

Get your fats from salmon, eggs, nuts, seeds, olive oil and coconut oil rather than from chocolate!

Be sure to fill your plate at meal times with a mixture of vegetables. You can eat so much for hardly any calories. They also provide lots of micronutrients that your body needs to work at its peak.

IIFYM works brilliantly alongside a healthy diet. Your body will thrive from the balance of nutrients that the foods above provide. Don’t try and kid yourself that if you are hitting your numbers, whilst eating a mountain of crap food, that large amounts of fat loss will occur.

Here are a few tips that will help get the most out of your new IIFYM lifestyle:

  1. Try to reduce sugar from your diet – ideally alcohol too (sorry!)
  2. Eat lots of protein from chicken, turkey, steaks, fish and eggs
  3. Eat a lot more veg and a little fruit
  4. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  5. Get at least 7 hours sleep a night

Put the whole thing together and IIFYM will definitely work for you. So much so that it will be the basis of our Robofit app!

This app will fit perfectly with this lifestyle. It will automatically adjust your calories and macros for the week if you go off track. This means you won’t need to write the week off and still maintain consistent weight loss.

We are looking for around 500 lucky people to test the new app.

Interested in being a tester? to join the list!

Article adapted from Premier PT

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