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Simply The Chest – Fast effective gym workout for strength & definition

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  • Posted: 22/11/18
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  • Author: Chris Kinsella

Why do a chest workout?

A regular chest workout doesn’t just make your upper body look good in your T – shirts.

Both men and women should be working out their chest muscles!!

The stronger your pecs the stronger your whole body. They are involved in so many upper body movements that a weak chest can make you weaker in many other movements too.

They are also some of the biggest muscles in the body. Therefore working them out burns a ton of calories!

They are also vital for good posture

Tight chest muscles can give that slouched, shoulders forward look. Therefore working the chest muscles in a full range of motion – stretching and contracting them can assist in improving your posture.

So how do you structure a chest workout?

It is important you hit the pecs from all different angles and with a full range of motion.

Here is a sample chest workout powered by the Robofit app which will hit your muscles hard.

Perform each exercise for 3 sets of 12 repetitions

Take 60 seconds rest in between sets and exercises.

You should be using a weight that you struggle with the last few reps on the final set.

If you complete all 36 reps over the 3 sets put the weight up the next time you do it

I hope you found this article helpful

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